What is the best cat repellent spray?

Finding a good quality cat repellent spray isn’t always easy, as not all cats will respond the same way. No doubt you’ve had that painful experience of finding the holy grail of products, only to wake up one morning and find a nasty surprise.

While it’s impossible to determine which repellent sprays will work, there are some which are generally more effective than others. When the time comes to take action you can’t go wrong with these heavy duty products.

Bitter Apple

grannicks-bitter-apple-pump-spray-for-catsThe name Bitter Apple crops up on forums time and time again. In addition to being a cat repellent, this product is used to discourage thumb sucking in children. The taste is very bitter and will linger in a cat’s mouth for hours. It won’t take cats long to leave your plants, wiring and other off-limits surfaces alone after tasting the atrocity of this product. Bitter Apple requires regular application, especially if you have multiple cats targeting the same spot.


ssscat spraySsscat! Automated cat repellent spray is one of the most popular products on the market. Using Multivet technology, it will detect the presence of a cat from up to one meter away before releasing its pungent non-toxic spray. Ssscat! is mainly used for indoor areas, such as rooms that are off limits, table tops and electrical wiring, etc. Each refill will last for roughly 200 sprays. The device also requires 4 AAA batteries.

Natures Miracle


 Natures Miracle is an all-natural formula that contains no harmful chemicals. The long-lasting formula is pre-mixed and ready-to-use. If you have problems with other neighborhood cats, this product is definitely worth checking out as it works both indoors and out.

Whisker City

whisker cityWhisker City has a wide array of top quality repellent products, including an anti-urine spray named No Mark. Unlike other products, this herbal spray is designed to calm cats down rather than punish them for attempting to mark their territory. It’s safe to use on most surfaces and won’t cause any stains; however, it’s always best to give it a spot test just in case.


Remember that marking territory is in your cat’s nature. They don’t do it deliberately, so punishing them is never the answer. The best thing you can do is find a spray that will discourage them in the first place, rather than leave them stressed and angry after they have committed the act.

When you’re searching for a suitable spray, be patient. It may take a few repellents before you find one which works on your cat.