Defenders Scatter Granules Review

Chloe MasonAll our reviews are written by readers of The Scaredy Cat. The Defenders Scatter Granules review was written by Chloe Mason. Chloe was having problems with her own cats pooping in the garden, they were also digging holes and tearing up the grass. She was desperate for a solution….

Defenders Scatter Granules are a natural cat repellent that’s bio-degradable. They are for outdoor use only and are designed to be scattered throughout the garden to prevent cats from walking on the grass and digging and tearing apart plants.

Defenders Scatter GranulesProblem

My garden has had so many problems I honestly don’t know where to start. If my cats aren’t pooping amongst my freshly planted flowers, they’ll almost certainly be digging holes and tearing up the grass. I’ve had cats for years, and while I never seem to have any problems inside my house, outside is another matter altogether. I’ve tried various methods in the past, including ultrasonic sounds, herbs and spices and automatic water sprayers, but there’s always one cat that seems too cunning for them to work, and until recently, I was yet to find a method that worked on all of my misbehaved felines.


The Defenders Scatter Granules are available in quantities which are calculated by the square footage of your garden, which make it much easier to purchase the right amount. When I’ve tried other forms of cat repellent pellet in the past I’ve always had issues buying the right amount of product, so this alone was very beneficial. In terms of performance the Defenders Scatter Granules are very effective. My cats are notoriously badly behaved, but since using this product I haven’t had a problem with digging, scratching or fouling in any of the garden areas.

I found Defenders Scatter Granules very easy to use. In fact, it’s so straight forward that there’s little need for instruction at all. The pellets must be scattered at a rate of 3g per square metre and the process should be repeated every 48 hours until the cats deter from the area. While this may seem excessive, it’s worth noting that there were positive changes within the first day of application. Overall it took a mere 3 applications to completely alleviate the issue altogether and now I’m proud to say that my cats no longer cause any dramas in the garden.


The largest container of repellent that’s sold is only 1.5kg. While this is enough for small gardens, I had to purchase an additional container in order to repeat the application. I would recommend anyone purchasing this product for a large garden to try to purchase in bulk. However, that said, Defenders Scatter Granules is a very cheap product in comparison to other forms of cat repellent. Finding the product in stores can be a challenge. When I first started looking for a new product I found them in a small garden centre on the outskirts of my hometown; however, after the store closed down and stopped selling them, I had to purchase online because I couldn’t find anywhere else that had them in stock.

Defenders Scatter Granules Overall Rating
  • Ease of Use - 9/10
  • Effectiveness - 7/10
  • Quality - 7/10
  • Value for Money - 8/10


Defenders Scatter Granules are an excellent product for people looking for something quick, easy and cheap. In addition, the natural content makes them perfect for the eco-conscious as they will biodegrade without affecting the quality of the soil or harming the environment.