Rentokil FC61 Cat Repeller Review

Ian manuelAll our reviews are written by readers of The Scaredy Cat. The Rentokil FC61 Cat Repeller review was written by Ian Manual. Ian recently purchased his first kitten, after several months his now grown up cat started bringing home birds he had caught in the garden. Ian needed a solution….

The Rentokil FC61 Cat Repeller is a harmless ultrasonic device which can scare away dogs, cats and rabbits. It provides 24/7 protection and is battery operated and weather resistant, making it perfect for gardens that don’t have access to a mains supply. While the device is usually used to protect gardens, it can also be used next to fish ponds and bird baths.

Rentokil FC61 Cat Repeller


I have always had bird baths in my garden and enjoy feeding them with nuts and seeds. I recently purchased my first kitten and quite stupidly failed to realise that when it grew up, it wouldn’t take too kindly to these birds. That time inevitably came and the second my cat proudly waked through the house with the carcass of a bird I thought I only had one option — to take down the bird bath.

The day I was supposed to take down the bath I was picking up some groceries from my local garden centre and saw the Rentokil FC61. The box mentioned that it provided bird bath and fish pond protection from cats, so I thought I’d give it a try. However, I said to myself that if it doesn’t work and another bird dies because of my cat, then I won’t take any more chances – a philosophy that still stands today.

Low and behold, since buying the Rentokil FC61 my cat hasn’t brought in any more dead birds, or even attempted to harm them. From day one he simply ignored that area completely. It’s almost as if that spot of land doesn’t even exist!


I live in a very wet area so I’m always a little afraid about purchasing anything electronic. The Rentokil FC61 Cat Repeller has a water resistant casing which won’t let a drop pass by. It’s also battery operated, which helps me greatly considering that the problem area is far away from a power supply.

Of course the primary benefit was the overall effectiveness of the product. After placing it at the foot of the bird bath, my cat never once decided to climb on top. I’ve since taken the device away to temporarily place it in my front garden as I’m having a minor drama with a neighbour’s cat now; and since I’ve done this my cat has still kept away from the bird bath.


The biggest problem with the device I am yet to face. Since it is battery operated I am dreading the day that it completely stops working. The frequency that it projects is far out of my hearing range, so I won’t have a clue if it’s ran out until a cat does their business on my garden or another bird dies.

Rentokil FC61 Cat Repeller Overall Rating
  • Ease of Installation - 6/10
  • Effectiveness - 8/10
  • Quality - 9/10
  • Value for Money - 7/10


The Rentokil FC61 is perfect for large gardens that have specific problem areas. It solves problems very quickly and due to the structure of the design, it can be housed in lots of different places. I highly recommend this device for bird baths, fish ponds and chicken coups