Defenders mega-sonic cat repeller review

The problem with searching for a cat repellent is that not all breeds react the same way. While sprays and plants can be effective, they are known to only have a 70% success rate. In addition, they can cause long-term harm to the cat itself due to prolonged exposure to certain chemicals.

Mega-Sonic Cat Repeller

When I became aware of the dangers of chemical repellents, I chose to go back to the drawing board and find new ways to deter cats from my garden. After browsing the Internet and speaking to a number of people on gardening forums, it wasn’t long before I came across the Mega-sonic Cat Repeller.


The Defenders mega-sonic cat repeller contains a motion detector which will activate when cats walk within a certain proximity of the device. This motion detector will trigger a high-pitched noise which has a frequency range that humans can barely hear – some can’t hear it at all. This noise is very disturbing for cats and will deter them away from certain areas of the garden.

My experience

I was a little wary at first about using the Mega-Sonic Cat Repeller – perhaps it was the word “sonic” that put me off. It sounds a little aggressive don’t you think? Anyway, I purchased the device from Amazon and immediately placed it among a little patch of daffodils which are regularly targeted by the local felines.

Sonic Cat Repeller in garden

After the first night I was very disappointed to discover that the flowers had still been mangled; however, upon inspection I realised that it was my own fault for placing it in an obstructed area that had no exposure to sunlight. I shifted the position and let it “charge” throughout the day.

During the evening I put the device back in its place, in an area that gets morning sunlight to ensure it remains topped up. I was lucky enough to witness the Mega-Sonic Cat Repeller do its job when a local cat wondered on my garden during the evening – so far so good.

I kept a close eye on the device over the coming weeks, and while I had a few issues in other parts of the garden, my daffodils finally started to grow! I’ve tried many cat repellents in the past – including herbs and spices, sprays and water sprinklers – but the Mega-Sonic Cat Repeller is the only one that has worked on every breed.


After trying other approaches in the past, I feel that the Mega-Sonic Cat Repeller is certainly the most effective. The only major issue is the activation proximity. In a large garden like mine the motion detector struggles to pick up movement all around; therefore, I will be purchasing a second device. This, however, will have to be a battery model since this particular problem area gets very little sunlight exposure.

All-in-all, if you’re looking for a cat repellent that won’t cause long-term damage to local felines, then you can’t go wrong with the Mega-Sonic Cat Repeller. It’s cheap, efficient, easy-to-use, and most importantly, it works like a charm.

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