Will a cat fence keep cats out of your garden?

A cat fence can certainly help you keep cats out of your garden; however, as a standalone defence, they probably won’t be enough. Cats are very nimble. They can jump very high; squeeze through small gaps; and find their way in some very difficult places. While a fence can be a great deterrent, if a cat really wants to get past one, they’ll almost certainly find a way.

Many people, however, will placechicken wire or spikes on top of cat fences to make surfaces uncomfortable to walk on. Again, this may not stop cats from getting past them, but it’ll certainly make them think twice about trying. Contrary to popular belief cat spikes aren’t as inhumane as they sound. While placing spikes that can cause damage to the cat’s paws is certainly not okay, a product designed specifically as a cat repellent won’t be harmful.


Where can I buy a cat fence?

A fence specifically designed to keep cats out of your garden can be purchased either online or in your local garden centre. If a cat fence isn’t available, then spikes and chicken wire can be used to turn an otherwise ordinary fence into a cat repellent.

Purchasing cat fences online is without a doubt the most cost effective approach; however, if you need a quick solution to the problem, then it may not be viable. Most companies will post products directly to your home within a couple days. If you would rather use your local garden centre, they should be able to order them in for you at no extra cost.

Can I use a cat fence as an enclosure?

Cat fences can also be used to create outdoor enclosures. Cat fences that are designed for this purpose are usually made from chicken wire and will either have a roof or edges that protrude from the top to prevent cats from jumping on the fence. Cat enclosures are commonly used in gardens that house things that could be dangerous for cats, such as electric wiring, toxic plants or chemicals that have been placed on the garden. They can also be used to prevent house cats that don’t understand roads and other dangers from escaping. Cat fences that are designed specifically for cat enclosures are usually free standing and can be moved around with ease.

In addition to preventing cats from escaping onto dangerous ground, enclosures can be used to prevent other animals from coming onto your garden, such as foxes, hedgehogs and rabbits.

What are cat spikes?

Cat Spikes are usually made from plastic and are small, blunt spikes that can be lined across the top of your fence. They are very uncomfortable for cats, but won’t cause them any pain or cut their paws. Chicken wire is also another alternative. Wrapping it around the top of a fence will yield the same results as cat spikes.

It’s worth noting that you should always consult your local council and tell your neighbours before you place cat spikes across your fencing. Your council may have specific laws regarding that materials should be used. Failure to abide by these rules could result in a fine. In addition, your neighbours may not approve of such methods, especially if you share fencing. Going ahead without speaking to them could cause irreversible damage to your personal relationships.

My personal experience

I own two house cats and during the summer they always want to go outside. I used to let them out in the back garden, but only when I’m out there with them. However, one day, one of them jumped the wall when I turned my back and went missing for hours. We eventually found her in a neighbour’s garden. While she was missing I couldn’t help but think that the worst had happened. She has had no experience around cars and I live near a busy road, so my heart was racing. When I finally got her back I vowed never to make the same mistake again. Perhaps next time she wouldn’t be so lucky.

However, I don’t believe a cat should stay inside 24/7. After checking the net for answers I found out about cat fences. After buying one on Amazon I immediately set it up to give it a try; and I’m very pleased with the result. Not only was it very simple to construct, but I can now leave my cats outside unattended when the sun is shining.

Now that I have peace of mind I’m seriously considering buying a clip-on cat fence to circle my garden so they have more room. I have a friend that uses one and she’s told me that she’s never had an issue with her house cats escaping. She has even installed a cat flap so they can freely use the garden. I never imagined such a prospect in the past, but now that it’s possible it doesn’t seem logical not to purchase one if it means my cats will have a better life.